Container Loading Inspection in China

Avoid fraud and container loading of defective or damaged products when importing from China - from our office in central Shanghai we can reach any factory location in Mainland China with no more than a 3 day notice - contact us today for Container Loading Inspection quote
  • Stocktaking
    - We will inspect & account for all the products on your Performa Invoice before container loading
  • Export packaging evaluation
    - We will evaluate the provided export packaging to minimize the risk for damages during transportation
  • Container Loading Inspection
    - We will witness and lead the container loading process to maximize the safety of your cargo
  • Photo series & Inspection Report
    - We will provide you with a comprehensive Inspection Report & Photo series not more than 48 hours after finishing Container Loading Inspection to allow you to see the state of your products before balance payment
From USD 395 [Including travel expenses]

Mobile tracking

     Use your computer 
     or smartphone to
     track your shipping



Export packaging

Add pallets, new cartons & other packaging materials to customize your shipment for maximum safety



Free Cargo Inspection

We always inspect your cargo before shipment from China



Free Warehousing

Collect cargo from different suppliers and save money on a combined shipment